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Claes (Mentalan Van Schouw) CORNELISEN[1]

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Birth  Abt 1605  Brouwershaven, Schouwen, Netherlands 
Sex  Male 
Died  Bet 1674 and 1676  Long Island, New York, NY 
Person ID  I22208  Default Tree 
Last Modified  18 Dec 2008 
Father  Cornelis JANSEN, b. Abt 1580, Netherlands 
Group Sheet  F8834  Default Tree 
Family 1  Metje Herberts HARPENTSE, b. Abt 1608 
Married  1632  Amsterdam, Netherlands  [2
 1. Gerbrant (Claese) CLAESEN, b. 4 Apr 1649, New York City, New York Co, NY, USA
 2. Tryntje CLAESEN, b. 1636, New Amsterdam, Kings, NY
 3. Geertje CLAESEN, b. Aft 1632
 4. Harpert CLAESEN, b. Aft 1632
 5. Pieterje CLAESEN, b. 28 Oct 1640, New Amsterdam, Kings, NY
 6. Cornelis CLAESEN, b. 4 Oct 1643, New Amsterdam, Kings, NY
 7. Floris (Joris) CLAESEN, b. 20 Jan 1647
 8. Ariaen CLAESEN, b. 5 Nov 1651, New Amsterdam, Kings, NY
Last Modified  18 Dec 2008 
Group Sheet  F8825  Default Tree 
Family 2  Geertje NANNACHS?, b. 1601, Holland, Netherlands 
Married  Bet 1622 and 1632  Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Last Modified  17 Dec 2008 
Group Sheet  F8817  Default Tree 
  • [4peterson.FTW]

    Note: Another birth date of 1605 is mentioned in ADGPNS, W. Peterson

    ************************************************************************** *****************************************************
    Charles Vanorsdale [vanorsdale@tshickman.com]
    Charles Vanorsdale, Subject: Wyckoff Line/Van Schouw I think we can safely conclude that Claes Van Schouw was born (1597-1605) in the town of Brouwershaven on the Island of Schouwen which is off the West coast of the Netherlands.

    For a long time, the Wyckoff and van Schouw(en) lines have been assumed to be the same, apparently due to the patronymic Cornelisz/Cornelissen. There is no evidence that Claes Cornelissen van Schouw had a son Pieter Claesz.
    Although I am not a member of the Wyckoff family association, they have now documented that Claes Cornelissen van Schouw is not affiliated with the Wyckoff family. One of Claes' daughters, Pieterje or Peternella, married my ancestor Sijmon Jansz van Aersdalen; their daughter Geertje Simonse married Cornelis Pietersz Wyckoff on October 13, 1678 at Nieuw Utrecht (see Voorhees' Flatbush Church Records Vol. 1, printed 1998, pp. 216-217). This states that Cornelis was a son of Pieter Claasz. This is the earliest connection of the van Schouw and Wyckoff lines, at least in North America.

    I have attached below an article which I wrote for the van Aersdalen Family Association newsletter, The Vanguard, which outlines what is known about the van Schouw origins, including some very germane references.

    Claes Cornelisssen van Schouw, father-in-law to our ancestor Sijmon Jansz van Aersdalen, has had a very fanciful background in some published genealogies. However, rather than address these, we will present what is actually known about him, and leave the fanciful interpretation where it lies. Most of what we know of Claes (the diminutive of Niklaas or Nicholas) comes from Charles Arthur Hoppin (references at end). Hoppin's treatment of van Schouw appears to be sound, having withstood scrutiny by several researchers.

    Although no European records have been discovered yet, Claes appears to
    have hailed from an island called "Schouw or Schouwen, in the estuary of the Ooster-Schelde River, off the west coast of the Netherlands" (Hoppin, vol. 3, p.173). Claes was born about 1605, judging from a deposition he gave on May 5, 1640 (HSNY, New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, vol. I, record 200):

    "This, date underwritten, before me, Cornelis van Tienhoven, secretary in New Netherland, at the request of Hendrick Pietersen, mason, personally appeared Claes Cornelissen van Schouw, aged about 35 years ..."

    This is also the first known use in New Netherland of his full name. There has been some dispute as to the validity of this age estimate, as on February 19, 1664 Claes gives his age as 67, consequently having been born in 1597 (Hoppin, p. 181). It was the consensus of researchers Hoppin, Hoffman, and Peterson that Claes' memory was better in 1640 and, so, he was better able to reckon his age.

    Claes appears in Land Papers: GG, p. 17 under "GG 54 Patent to Claes
    Cornelisz van Schouw" concerning a land patent. "We, Willem Kieft, etc. ... have granted to Claes Cornelisz van Schouw a certain piece of land lying upon Long Island opposite Manhattan Island between the ferry and Andries Hudden .... Done 14 November 1642 at Fort Amsterdam in New Netherland."
    This land is now part of Brooklyn Heights. Goodwin states "Southward from the Ferry and along the present Heights and East River shore extended the farms of Claes Cornelissen Van Schouw, Jan Manje, Andries Hudde, Jacob Wolphertsen, Frederic Lubbertsen; and ex-Governor van Twiller had himself taken a grant." The ferry would become a landmark of sorts toward identifying Claes' family, as when daughter Geertie Claes "from the ferry" and her husband Hendrick Volckerssen baptised Jeuriaen on November 6, 1661 (HSNY, Brooklyn Church Records, p. 110), witnessed by Sijmen Janssen, Hermanus van Bossum, and Trijntie Claes.

    Hoffman's article spells out, in a very convincing manner, seven children of Claes, utilizing "the unfailing method where the genealogy of a family of Dutch descent is concerned; that is, by paying close attention to the sponsors who appeared at the baptisms of the children" (Hoffman, p. 68).
    Pietertje Claes' baptism of October 28, 1640 shows her to be a daughter of Claes Cornelissen. [NYGBR, Vol. V, p. 29: "Ouders/Parents ... Claes
    Cornelis. Kinders/Children ... Pietertje. Getuygen/Witnesses ...Jeurgie
    Hendrickszen, Hester Simons."] Either Pieterje, husband Symon Jansz (van Aersdalen), or one of their children (Cornelis Symonsen and Janneke Symons)attended the baptisms of several children of Geertje Claes and Gerbrandt Claes which, combined with the patronymic "Claes-", signifies that Pieterje was probably a sister to Geertje and Gerbrandt. The sponsors at the baptism of Gerbrandt's son, Pieter, were Tryntie Claes and Joris Jacobsen, who themselves were married and appear numerous times in the baptismal record. Tryntje Claes appears as a sponsor (along with Symon Jansen) at the baptism of Geertje Claes' son Jeuriaen, and so must be another sister to Pieterje. Finally, Arien Klaessen appears as a sponsor to the baptism of Gerbrandt's son Myndert, and Hoffman points out that an "Adriaen Claesz", unmarried brother of Gerbrandt Claesz, died in 1703 in Bergen, NJ, thus affixing him as another brother to Pieterje. Two other children of Claes Cornelissen (Cornelis and Floris) are offered but have less substantive proof.

    So from this we have established the immediate family of Claes Cornelissen van Schouw, particularly as it relates to his daughter, Pieterje Claese, and son-in-law, Symon Jansz van Aersdalen. The name of his wife (or wives) remains unknown; however, Bryan (pp. 136-137) suggests that her name may have been Metje "Harpentse". Peterson (p. 37) expounds on this, noting the occurrence of the name Harpert in subsequent generations of descendants.
    Additionally, Metje "Harperszen", on May 20, 1652, witnesses the baptism of one of Claes' grandchildren (NYGBR, Vol. V, p. 98), while on August 15, 1655 Metje "Herberts" and Claes Corneliszen serve as sponsors of another grandchild of Claes', Volckert (NYGBR, Vol.V, p. 155).

    According to Peterson (p. 36), "the last record of CLAES CORNELISSEN VAN SCHOUW is believed to be a listing in 1671 in the venue book of Adriaen Hegeman, sheriff of Flatlands, which the historian Teunis Bergen claims to have seen about 1881. CLAES is believed to have died about 1674."

    Frick notes (p. 7) that "Claes was living on Bergen's Island near Flatlands in 1671. ....On March 13, 1675, Claes made a donation to the church. This was the last record of him." CRV notes that, in "Kings Co. Wills" (NYGBR, vol. XLVII, p. 165), the will of "Swaentie Janse, widow of Cornelius Depotter" written March 31, 1676 includes, as a witness, a "Claes Cornelinssen". If this is Claes Cornelissen van Schouw, this may be the last known record of Claes, then about 71 years old. Claes does not appear on the Roll of Allegiance taken in 1687.

    Claes apparently left behind an island which bore his nickname, "Mutelaer" or "grumbler". It was recorded as such on several occasions, such as on May 8, 1697 on p. 134 of Book 2 Conveyances (NYGBR, Vol. LIV, p. 250):

    "Coert Stevense, Lucas Stevense, John Stevense, Albert Stevense, John
    Kierstead, Barne Vrianse, Alexander Sympson, and Albert Terhuynen deed
    Garrett Courte land in Flatlands bounded by that of Simon Janse and
    Hendrick Peterse also another lot bounded by property of Lucas Stevense, formerly in possession of Stephen Coerte and others and another lot bounded by lands of Lucas Stevense and Helena Aertsen and Claes Peterse also a lot on Mutilaer's Island (This is now Bergen Island) and also another lot in Flatlands bounded by lands of Tunis Janse, Hendrick Peterse and Cloisse Wyckoff. All sign but Alexander Sympson signs by mark. Wit. by John Terhuynen and John Hansen. Ack. May 8 and Rec'd. May 12, 1697 by Henry ffilkin, Reg."


    Bryan, Leslie: "Immigrant Ancestors Allied to Certain Bryan and Aulls
    Family Lines", self-published, Champaign, IL, 1981.

    Frick, Franklyn: "Family Tree of Jacob Banta Vanosdol 1788-1872", edited by B. Van Osdol-Schneider, self-published, 1986.

    Goodwin, Maud et al: "Historic New York", G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, NY, 1899, pp. 387-391.

    Hoffman, William J.: "Claes Cornelissen Van Schouw(en), Meutelaer and the Wyckoff Ancestry", The American Genealogist, vol. XXII, No. 2 (October 1945), pp. 65-71.

    Holland Society of New York (HSNY) : "New York Historical Manuscripts:
    Dutch", vol. I, Register of the Provincial Secretary, 1638-1642,
    Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD, 1974.

    HSNY : "New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Old First Dutch Reformed Church of Brooklyn, First Book of Records, 1660-1752", Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD, 1983.

    HSNY : "New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, Volumes GG, HH, & II, Land Papers", Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD, 1980.

    Hoppin, Charles Arthur: "The Washington Ancestry, and Records of the
    McClain, Johnson, and Forty Other Colonial American Families",
    self-published, Greenfield, OH, 1932.

    New York Genealogical and Biographical Record (NYGBR) : "Records of the
    Reformed Dutch Church in New York", Vol. V, No. 2, April 1874, p. 98.

    Ibid. : Vol. V, No. 3, July 1874, p. 155.

    NYGBR: "Kings County, N.Y. Wills", Vol. XLVII, No. 2, April 1916, p. 165.

    NYGBR: "Genealogical Gleanings from Book No. 2 of Conveyances, Brooklyn, Kings Co., N.Y.", Vol. LIV, No. 3, July 1923, p. 250.

    Peterson, William L.: "Ancestors and Descendants of Garrett Peterson and Nancy Smock", Gateway Press, Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1987.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Hi Michael,

    Will attempt to answer the questions that I can without doing a great deal
    of research. Will try to follow up with more details later.

    Tryntje and Geertje were both born in Brouwershaven according to Dutch
    professional genealogist, Chris Brooks. I do not have her baptism records
    for these 2 daughters. Since she is professional, she doesn't "share" like
    us amateurs do - ha! I do have the Brouwershaven FHL film number if you
    would like to do your own research. I tried to read this film and decided I
    would have to study Dutch for at least 5 years before I could make a dent in
    it so I'm leaving it to the pros. (Film # 122268 Dopen 1604-1609,
    1667-1702, 1610-1639, 1705-1790 bevat een afschrift 1604-1605)

    Geertje's birth in 1636 and the Pieterje's birth in New Amsterdam in 1640
    places the emigration date between 1636 and 1640.

    June 8, 1648 is recorded the baptism of a baby boy, Claes, to Geertie
    Nannincks and her husband Claes de Backer, witnesses, Elbert Revnier,
    Dominicus and Hester Mayken Verbeeck. I believe this entry rules out
    Geertie as a spouse of our Claes. If we are to believe that Geertie was
    Claes's wife, we would have to assume that there were two Geertie
    Nannincks/Nannachs in this small Dutch community - not likely. Or we could
    assume that the church officials recorded her husband's name incorrectly on
    the baptism record. This doesn't hold water because our Gerbrant Claesen
    was baptised April 4, 1649 so had to have been born before that date. It
    doesn't seem that Geertje could have had a baby in June (or May) of 1648 and
    another baby in March of 1649. You can look up this baptism record yourself
    at http://www.atlaw.com/edball/dutchbap.htum#1643 (Ted Brassard's Ties That
    Bind web site.) It also has Claes' children beginning with Pieterje, the
    first to be born on American soil.

    Yes, there is record of Metje Harpentse on American soil. She was a witness
    (or sponsor) to at least two of the baptisms of their grandchildren. (see
    below for details)

    I think we could make a much better case for a first wife of Claes as
    Margaret van der Goes than we can Geertje although Martaret is unproven at
    this date, and I am not willing to add a name to my data base without some
    pretty strong evidence to support it. What intrigues me about Margaret is
    that she died in 1631and Claes married Metje in 1632.


    Claes Cornelius from Schouwen is the Peterson Dutch immigrant ancestor. He
    lived on the Island of Schouw (or Schouwen) (Browhershaven, Zeeland,
    Netherhlands) in the estuary of the Ooster-Schelde River, off the west coast
    of the Netherlands as recorded in THE WASHINGTON ANCESTRY AND RECORDS OF THE
    Hoppin, Vol. 3, p. 173.

    Birth Year: On May 5, 1640 per record in Fort Amsterdam in a Declaration by
    Claes Cornelissen and Marten Harbersen about the sale of Maryn Adriaensen's
    plantation, the witness for this document lists Claes as age about 35 years
    which translates to a birth year of 1605 recorded in WASHINGTON ANCESTRY AND
    Edward Lee Hoppin, 1932, p. 181.

    On 19 Feb. 1664, Claes gave his age as 67 years in a deposition regarding a
    threatening declaration from an English officer, John Scott (Documents
    Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New York, Vol. II, p. 482),
    which calculates to a birth year of 1597. Both of the aforementioned
    documents were signed by Claes' mark.

    Per professional Dutch researcher, Chris Brooks, Baptism Record of 1606 -
    Claes, son of Cornelis Jansen, Brouwershaven, Schouwen, Zeeland,
    Netherlands, (information from search of original baptism records of
    Brouwershaven FHL #122268).

    In August of 1638 in the council minutes of New Amsterdam Claes Cornelisen
    filed suit against Montague for an assault against Claes wife, CALENDAR OF
    COLONIAL HISTORY OF NEW YORK, p. 64. In 5 May 1640 "Claes Cornellisen from
    Schouw" is noted for making a declaration in a land dispute (See p. 33 of

    There is considerable debate about whether a Claes Cornelissen of Boda,
    Sweden, born in 1597 is the same person as Claes Cornelius/Cornellissen Van
    Schouw (Brouwershaven, Zeeland, Netherlands). This debate has been
    particularly advocated by the Wyckoff descendants; however even they admit
    that there is no proof of such a connection, and several well-known Dutch
    researchers discount this theory including William J. Hoffman, Harriet
    Stryker-Rodda, Claes Van Shouw descendant, William L. Peterson, and Edward
    Lee Hoppin. The latter writes: "a study of the records and associations of
    the two men reveal them to have had nothing in common and to have been
    unlike in characters, social positions and material circumstances. They
    never appear in any public record in any way suggesting that they were
    related. Their homes in the Old World were widely separated."

    Per Wm. F. Wyckoff, 215 Montague St., Brooklyn, NY in Somerset County
    Historical Quarterly, 3:36, Claes received a government land grant in 1652
    in what is now Brooklyn Heights, City of Brooklyn. He later sold this land
    and resided in Flatlands, Kings County (which is now the 32nd ward of the
    Borough of Brooklyn. It was then called New Amersfoort. He was still alive
    as late as 1674.

    SPOUSE: Some sources claim Claes was married to Margaret van der Goes who
    died August 2, 1631, several years before the emigration to the New World,
    and that by Margaret he had a son Pieter Claesen who was 11 years old when
    Pieter was supposedly on the vessel, Rensselaerwyck leaving Amsterdam on Oct
    1, 1636, and arriving in New Amsterdam March 4, 1637. (Somerset County
    Historical Quarterly, 3:36, Wm. F. Wyckoff, 215 Montague St., Brooklyn,
    N.Y.) No proof of this marriage or this son is known by this researcher.

    Some researchers assigned Geertje Nannincx as Claes' wife; however
    William L. Peterson (ANCESTORS & DESCENDANTS . . . ) indicates that Metje
    Harpentse was more likely Claes's wife. This name explains the Harpert name
    in three generation of ancestors. Metje Herperysen was a witness 20 May
    1652 at the baptism of Claes' grandchild and Metje Herbers was a sponsor of
    another grandchild, Volckert, baptized in the New York Dutch Church in 1655
    (p. 37).Charles Arthur Hoppin is another well-respected researcher and
    author of Dutch ancestry. He also concludes that Metje Harpentse was likely
    the wife of Claes Cornelis.

    In support of Metje Harpentse as the wife of Claes is the research by Dutch
    researcher, Chris Brooks, who found the marriage intention of Claes and
    Metje in 1632 Brouwershaven records as well as Metje's baptism and her
    parents' marriage. It is likely that the "Marten Harbersen" in the
    Declaration by Claes Cornelissen and Marten Harbersen about the sale of
    Maryn Adriaensen's plantation was Metje's brother and Claes' brother-in-law.
    Another clue to Metje's family is an Ariantje Cornelisen Trommels of
    Schouwen, who was the wife of Cornelis Claesen Switz, and a baptismal
    sponsor for one of Claes Cornelisen's children in New Amsterdam. It is
    speculated that Ariantje could be a relative.

    Note: Chris Brooks' findings are to be published in the July 2001 NYG&BR.
    Jean [r1776@enetis.net] Peterson Rosenkranz
Sources  1. [S407]   Gedcom - 1998388 Peterson, Michael Richard Esquer Swigart, (Contact: Michael Swigart pob 3138 La Puenta, Ca 91744 http://awt.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GED&db=:1998388&id=I0794 created in FTM, downloaded from Ancestry.com and converted to Legacy)
2. [S407]   Gedcom - 1998388 Peterson, Michael Richard Esquer Swigart, (Contact: Michael Swigart pob 3138 La Puenta, Ca 91744 http://awt.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GED&db=:1998388&id=I0794 created in FTM, downloaded from Ancestry.com and converted to Legacy)
"Date of Import: Dec 3, 1999"
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